So after writing my last post the lovely AF decided to pay me a visit. Usually I am upset/sad/mad when she decides to pop in for visit. This time around I was thankful for her appearance. She was extremely genuine with her delayed visit. At least this time around I didnt crawl over and almost cried. Which makes me think something I am doing is easing the pain. Anywho, today is officially CD 8 for me. About 2 days ago I started my Fertility Cleanse. At first I was annoyed of the fact that I have to take so much in one day. Even though it seems like a lot it's not overbearing. The only complain I must say is the tea, not for its taste but because it makes me pee like no other. I mean I know its trying to flush the toxins out but come on! I just sat down barely getting comfortable and just in a sec the feeling of needing to go now has me running back to the potty. IT HAS TO BE WORKING RIGHT?

Well not everything ended in such a bust this past cycle. I had the habit of weighting myself every time I went to visit my mother. I mean the scale is there just starring at you, tempting you to get on it. So I always cave in and use the damn thing. Happy to say I strayed from it by avoiding her restroom. Back to my point...I have this thing with not getting rid of pants that dont fit ideally. One day I was in such in a hurry I just grabbed the first thing in sight. To my dismay I realized much, much, much later that those jeans did not fit me..well... that awesome before. So I grabbed almost a brand new (who am I kidding, they are brand new) pair of work pants that J bought me a while back. I was so lazy to try both pair of pants on so I told myself if this one fits me so does this one...they're the same size. Um WRONG! To my surprise I was able to close the damn pants and didnt feel the slightest uncomfortableness. Can you guess what happened next? That's right. I ran to my mother's home to weigh myself. What I saw was quite surprising. I wasn't really trying I just simply cut out things that werent as healthy. To see that I lost 10lbs was an amazing feeling. I don't think I will ever be back to the same weight I was in HS but if I can look less chubby cheeks to ppl why the hell not! Heres the thing...when I gain weight my cheeks are such hoggers of all the fat. YAY! For me now keep it off!

Yesterday was such a nonchalant day. My father arrived home from a trip so thee mother was thrilled to see him. Of course I was too! After dinner we went walking to the back-yard. Hmmm...did I forget to mention that my parents own a pretty big property? Well it is an extremely large/ long "back-yard". I love walking towards the back just because I love to see the trees and the beautiful shade and breeze they provide as you walk by. I must say I have a hate and love relationship when it comes to this. It makes me sad just thinking that I will probably never have a child to enjoy this neck of the woods. Its so beautiful that my 3 year old niece always wants to follow even if she gets tired and my mother makes her walk all the way. Did I mention the dogs love it too? Its like theyre in a competition to see who can cover the most ground while were back there.

I am trying to remain confident that I am doing my body good by going natural this cycle or two. I had to move my appointment to May 16th just because I didnt want to have to ask for two days off in a row. J likes the idea of relaxing a bit but he says he doesnt like when I take these supplements or what not. He thinks I maybe doing more harm than good. I think its sweet of him to care for me. I honestly think I am feeling a lot better than when I was not taking supplements. I used to get extreme pains during my menstrual cycle that now it seems like such a breeze to be in it. Of course he knows of these pains and its embarrassing to say his family does too. Since J and I have been together since HS, for some odd reason I would always be at his house sleeping during my period. I would cry myself to sleep that his sisters, aunt, and mother would take care of me. Its funny to think about but in a weird way we bonded. You gotta love family.
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  1. Congrats on your weight loss! That's awesome! Also congrats on not being in as much pain during AF. I know how bad that can be.