From BAD day to GOOD day

My day yesterday started off fairly wonky. I was exhausted from Easter Sunday that I did not hear my two alarms. TWO ALARMS!! MISSED! I woke up around 6:10 am staring at the clock in disbelieve.I jumped out of bed and got "ready" as quickly as possible. I arrived at work about two hours late. BOO! To top it off I had a Drs appt I needed to attend. So I had to leave 45 minutes after arriving. That was fun to explain!

Anywho, after I get out of work I got a phone call. The number didn't seem familiar but I thought it was my Drs office calling in with my P4 results. WRONG! It was an x co-worker that I actually asked someone to tell her to give me a call. Her name is Jen, she was hired around the time I was. During our training she was very open about her fertility struggles. I admired that, wish I had the courage to ask her about it back then. We got to talking about how she's been and how her daughter is. She asked how I was handling all this and told me if I needed anyone to talk to she was there for me. She wished she had someone to talk to while she was going through this emotional rollercoaster. After our little talk I asked her what clinic she went to and what was her experience. GUESS WHAT??!! She went to the clinic I have an appointment on the 22nd of April. She said they got her knocked up on her first round of IVF. Turns out she also had one blocked tube. The only reason she had IVF done was because of a bad surgery when she was 21. The surgery left her with an infection that caused PID. Her blocked tube was leaking toxin which was causing her to miscarry before the baby even had a chance to fully grip to her uterus. (She lost a total of 7-8 pregnancies)They gave her the choice to tie the leaking tube or remove both of them. With the REs help they decided to remove both tubes since it was not guaranteed that the tied tube would stop leaking. Now she has her beautiful baby girl!

She almost brought me to tears when she was telling me about her infertility journey. I am glad I asked her to reach out to me because I know she will be a great support. She has to frozen embryos that she is considering to do a FET. Although it would be on hold until they can save the money for it since she has no insurance now. She told me her friend also went to that clinic and they got her pregnant on her 2nd IUI cycle. So two success stories and I am loving this clinic already. She said that I might feel like a guinea pig at first because of the fact that all the REs in that clinic work together to get you pregnant. I wont have just one Dr. Interesting.

I am not sure if I feel at ease because of this appointment or if I have just become numb at the disappointing outcomes. 7 more days til my BETA.
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  1. Prayers for a great beta and the end to your journey, but if not, then looks like you will def be in good hands with this new clinic. Hang in there!! I'm going nuts right now too.

  2. What a great story! I'm so glad that you have someone that can help support you through all of this. Having a baby should NOT be this difficult, but for some reason for us it is and it makes a huge difference to have someone we can rely on for support and advice. I'm excited about your new clinic, they really seem to have their stuff together. Good luck with the beta!

  3. I hate when I wake up late. I feel like I can't catch up all day! So glad you were able to connect with your old coworker. Glad you got some more reassurance about your decisions.

  4. How awesome to get some feedback on the new clinic straight from the mouth of someone you know...and two success stories to boot. It is just SUCH a huge comfort to speak to someone else and hear their story, especially if it is a success story. Sounds like that phone call was exactly what you needed!