I am officially done with my current RE. Thanks to everyone who shared their feedback in regards to switching REs. I got home and rang them up before they closed. The receptionist was incredibly nice. A tone of voice really makes a difference. I am still holding on to hope that this cycle might of worked but in case it didnt I feel a lot better to have a back up plan. I will go in for my consult on April 22nd. Which works out great because its only a few days before my brothers wedding and I wanted to take a break for this upcoming cycle.

Getting my list of questions ready for my consultation so I can be prepared on getting comprehendable answers. When I received their new patient form I was amazed that the first page wasnt about my medical history. It was about me! They wanted me to tell them what I wanted out of my doctor. How I prefered to be treated, etc. and just something about myself. My current RE did not even bother to set the expectations at my initial appointment.

I will be holding off on sending the new patient form until my BETA is taken on April 8th. The reason for that I just dont want my current office to give me the stink eye. Once they call me with the negative result I am going to let them know I am moving on to a different clinic that I feel meets my needs.
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  1. Wow, that is really cool the new RE's questionnaire asks those things. That is definitely different and refreshing to see!

  2. Yay!!!! Of course I am praying and hoping 4/8 brings good news to us both, but just in case it doesn't I am glad you have a backup plan. New RE sounds awesome!

  3. Your new RE sounds great!! So happy you were able to make this decision and move forward. Hoping this is what's going to lead you to that BFP.