Bump in the road

Before a nurse came in to get me to go over my results from my u/s I heard them talking outside. I could not make out what they were saying but I sensed some sort of bad news coming my way. They were being sickly nice to me that I knew right there and then the news they will deliver was not something I would be able to process. I was left in the conference room to wait for the nurse to come and explain my results. I heard them call the doctor to the conference room so my heart stopped. Well that call wasn't for me but it still didn't ease the punch in the gut when the nurse delivered the news. SO HERE GOES IT!

The reason for my failed IUI cycle was due to me O from my left Ovary. You are probably wondering why it matters what side I O from. Well my left tube is completely BLOCKED. I felt numb when she told me. I think she saw it on my devastating look. A blank stare with a slight smirk on my face. How can this happen? I mean everything I have read about what causes blocked tubes does not fit me. I can go on about this but the reality has to sink in. I have one good tube which I am going to cherish the rest of my life, of course. As long as it corporates. I was glad I didn't break into tears right there and then. But once I opened my car door they streamed down my face. I couldn't call J. 1. Because I knew he was sleeping and needed his rest 2. I needed to stop wasting time and get back to work 3. I didn't want to get all whined up in this emotion while I was driving. So I sucked it up text J a sad face and went on with my day.

Where does this leave me treatment wise? Well the nurse still thinks I shouldn't jump into IVF so soon. She thinks I have a chance with just my right tube. From today's u/s it shows that my right ovary is being the dominant one this cycle. Two potential antrafollicles. One measuring 12 & another @ 13mm. Praying to God that it remains that way!!! Have another u/s on Friday to see how those precious eggs are doing.

I am trying my best to stay optimistic through this horrendous news. In reality I just want to get this over with and jump into the IVF wagon. I want my baby and I feel like the odds are not in my favor if we can't control my right ovary to O every cycle. I am thankful that I did not end up with a cyst or something from having a blocked tube.

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  1. Your doctor is totally right. O'ing from your right side is enough to get you pregnant. Sorry for your bad news. :( that always makes for a crappy day. I'm cheering on the right side!!!!

  2. I am so sorry for your news on the blocked tube. I know it doesn't make the situation any better, but I am glad you at least found out what's going on. At least now you know and can make even better decisions on what to do next if this cycle doesn't work. I have every hope in the world for you though since you are seeing so much action on the right this time around!