IUI #2 already a bust?

Mind is on overdrive since Friday...not even my Dr knows how to explain what happened. Or why it happened? I can't find anything online about other people who have experienced this. On Friday I went in for my last sonogram to check my follies. I had three follies on my right(good side) and one on the left. The right measured 15 mm, 11mm, & 10mm. My lining was not great either almost at 7 mm. The nurse said given my experience of my lining and follie growing overnight she wasn't worried I wouldn't get to where they wanted me at. She asked me to start taking baby aspirin until my pregnancy test. Also to take my trigger on Saturday at 6pm and come back on Monday at 10am for my IUI.

After work I stopped by and bought new OPKs and the baby aspirin. I took the OPK around 7 something and it was dark but not dark enough to be a +. The following morning I woke up around 6 and took a test and went back to sleep. When I woke up around 10:30 I realized the test I took earlier was + so I took another one and it was definitely +. I called my Drs office and left a vm that I got a + OPK and I was instructed to take Ovidrel at 6 pm. Wanted to know if this would change anything. Well the nurse called me back and said she was going to check with Dr Martin since I did get two + OPKs. I was currently shopping with my mom so i wasn't near home. When Lisa called me back she said to take the trigger ASAP and come in tomorrow for my IUI. I was relieved that they called me back but bummed out that my body geared up to O when my follicles weren't mature enough and my lining was a bit thin. I don't understand how this happened. DH and I had intercourse on Thursday and Friday even though the nurse advised not to have intercourse Friday. I was just to turned on to say no to DH. Making it only one day of no intercourse. Which brings us to our next problem. DH provided his lowest sample EVER. He is usually close to 40ml and today was 14ml. He said I was rushing him which got him upset that he couldn't do it. But who knows it could be that he only had one day of abstaining.

I want to consider this cycle a bust even though I know I shouldn't until I get a - HCG test, which will not be until April 8th. I guess this is a sign to really think about IVF instead of wasting time. My body doesn't seem to be responding well to Clomid. During the procedure today Dr Martin asked DH to hold my hand. I think he thought this cycle was a bust. I told him I had O the night before due to my temp rising. He said that if I did my egg should still be hanging around my Fallopian tube ready to be fertilized. He didn't know how to explain why my body surged so early and went to say that women always tend to surprise you. BOO! That didn't give me a peace of mind. I know last time it seemed that my follie grew tremendously overnight and my lining too. But idk if that is what happened this time around. I had no u/s to confirm anything.

I'm over this!!
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  1. How frustrating! It's such a pain when our bodies decide to be stubborn and independent. Don't give up hope yet. It ain't over till its over! And I always say the easy way wasn't working, that's why we are all here so maybe the hard, backwards way is the right formula. Who knows. Wishing you lots of sticky baby dust.

  2. I am so sorry!! I totally understand your frustration. I just hope your body got it together at the last minute and grew enough. I know at 8mm your lining is good, so it def could have improved enough and your follies could def have grown enough too. Has your RE considered Femara? I know I respond terrible to clomid, but I did great on Femara. *hugs* Do not lose hope. You DID BD, you DID have an IUI, and you DID O, so you CAN get a BFP and I am praying for you!

  3. I wouldn't stress about DH's sample at all. 14 mil is still plenty of good guys. From what I understand, no matter how many there are, only 10 mil make it into the syringe that is used for the IUI. My RE says that only samples under 10 mil are cause for concern, so I really think you guys are totally fine on the sperm count for the procedure.

    Secondly, my RE also told me that having an IUI right after you O is actually a really GREAT time to do it and that many people get pregnant doing so. I would not stress too much about the timing. I totally agree with Amber ^^ too that your lining could easily have been 8, and any follicles over 13 could be mature. Your 15 could have easily been an 18-20 by the time it was actually released, since they can grow up to 3mm per day. I think you have every reason to be hopeful! I know it's frustrating when we can't predict what's going on and we just have to adapt, but so many wonky cycles have ended in BFP's for people. You did all the right things, so try not to feel defeated!

  4. You know a lot of women and their men get extra turned on right around O time, so it could have been your body saying "it's go time!" on Friday. You did O, and some sperm should make it with the two BD sessions and the IUI, so you aren't out yet!

    Since it seems you have a history of this happening, maybe next time they will consider giving you another sonogram the morning of your trigger or the night before so they know if you should do it earlier.

  5. I'm so sorry that your body is being so difficult, I hate when that happens! It's very encouraging that you did bd and have the iui, it looks like you've covered all your bases! Although 8 is ideal for lining, 7 is pretty darn close and it definitely could have thickened even more before you actually o'd. Similar to what Emily said, my RE also said that IUI's right after ovulation can be a good thing. The soldiers don't have to wait around for the egg, they can pounce as soon as they get up there lol. Fingers crossed you get great news on the 8th!