Excuse me? And who are you?

I didn't even want to look at her. Cause I seriously thought I was going to slap her OR better yet punch her in the face. How could she even dare to say that? You maybe wondering what I am so pissed off about. Well here goes nothing. It was around 11am and I was minding my own business. I was on a phone call with a customer trying to settle an ongoing issue. When I overheard co-workers talking about infertility. There's this lady who has expressed her concerns that she may have difficulties conceiving when she's ready. Due to her grandmother & mother both taking years to finally conceive. Apparently her bf/ husband, not sure if she's married, asked when they were going to start trying if she knows an issue may arise. Her response was very nonchalant "If it happens it happens." Really? Or are you afraid to admit it worries you. Not my business.

Now no one knows about my difficulties with infertility at work besides my manager and one of my colleagues. Surprisingly I was able to open up to my colleague when were not very close. It was a big RELIEF to find out some of her family members were either surrogates or donors. So she understood the whole "enchilada". Now I knew my instincts weren't deceiving. Back to the story...as they continued their conversation someone told L (the woman with the infertility in her family) that if she prayed to god she will get her bundle of joy one day. She simply responded with "I know I am just trying to lose weight and get my body back on track." Another colleague responded with, "Well praying is good but it doesn't help because before I had my son I did everything possible to avoid pregnancy. I would pray every night to god so I wouldn't become pregnant and look I still got pregnant. I think if your meant to be a mother its going to happen and well if your not then he won't give you one."

I almost threw myself at her when I heard those words that I almost hung up on my client. How dare you tell someone who is expressing concern about her fertility that if it doesn't happen she is not meant to be a mother? So your fucken telling me that all those women that got pregnant and aborted were MEANT to be mothers? Or the people who drown themselves in drugs and alcohol are meant to parent? What about the ones who have them and dump them in the trash? First of all you need to get your head out your ass and THINK before you speak. How contracting is your fucken statement you selfless, senseless, incompetent bitch. Learn about infertility before you sit there and point out people who can't have kids and say its just not meant to be. Oh so your telling Kim Kardashian is meant to have kids but not her sister? What the fuck has this world turned to? If you don't understand something pick up a book and read about it before offering your insensitive two sense.

Sorry I needed to just let it out. I couldn't even look at her the rest of the day. When I recollected myself I realized that people in this world fear the unknown. So what do they do? They judge it! Infertility is a disease its not manifested by gods work. People who can pop babies out like no other should take the time to learn about infertility and maybe just maybe they will appreciate what a great gift they have instead of seeing it as a natural thing. Cause no I can't say its a natural thing. It's like playing the lottery, if you get lucky Congrats! You just received the greatest gift in the world. If you don't its kinda a slap in the face saying better luck next time pal.

For those who have experience insensitive comments my heart goes out to you. That shitty feeling that comes from it and that adrenaline rushing in your veins, trying to hold yourself together so you won't have an outburst. Yeah been there plenty of times. Wish I could just tell them to close their mouth and don't touch a subject you don't come near comprehending.

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  1. Vent away lady! That is what we are all here for, to listen! And sometimes in regards to that lady ignorance is bliss.

  2. Haha! I had one of those moments today actually. Glad it's not just me wanting to smack people upside the head!

  3. This pin describes this perfectly: http://media-cache-ec6.pinterest.com/upload/242350023667835700_Kxj8OAKH.jpg *hugs*