Three day weekend + ovulation

It never fails. I don't ever recall ovulating during the week. For some reason its always during the weekend. Which is great!! Makes BDing so much easier. This weekend was fantabulous. I really allowed myself to relax and enjoy the activities around me.

At first it was hard for DH and I to tag along on Friday. Everyone was going to take their kids and we're one of two couples who don't have kids. With this in mind J reached out to the other couple to see if they were going since he didn't want to feel out of place. After several attempts of just asking J if we were going he looked at me and said "If you really want to go then let's go." I did want to go just to see what the enticement was about. Let me tell you the pizza is delicious and extremely huge!! We all enjoyed each others company and they decided that they wanted to make it a tradition. Every third weekend of the month we will all gather at Big Lous so their kids can get to know each other. I am sure when we have our kids we will be appreciating this a little more.

Moving on...Saturday was a mellow day. J was a bit hung over to say the least. While he slept I was outside with the kiddos and stirring up conversation with my mother. Around 6 pm he finally decided to get out of bed cause he wanted something warm in his tummy. We went to dinner and then off to see a movie. I was a bit disappointed on how the day started off since we had made plans for that beautiful saturday. The BIG day finally arrived. You know what day that is??? Sunday night football. I truly enjoy watching the game with J. He tends to crack me up with his actions. It was definitely a full house. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the 49ers vs Falcons. It was strange how people automatically sat around their own team fans. 9ers fans in the front and Falcons in the back. As soon as a Falcons fans would sit by us they akwardly would move towards the back. LOL! Why? I dont know I guess for their own security. After all the shit talking and chaos going on we shut them up when the 9ers came out on top!!
I am not on this group picture...I figured since I wasnt wearing a Jersey or even the colors I should stay out of it. J knows some of these people by seeing them sporadically at BWW. Turns out we're all neighbors! It was kinda funny to find out we live down the street from one another. After we left BWW J was a bit buzz and jumped into the car next to us.
I love this man but sometimes he can do some crazy things. We stopped by the meat market and picked up some goodies to BBQ at home. Since I have been spending a lot of time with my 2 year old niece I just had to ask the BIG question. WHO'S UR FAVORITE AUNTY?!
I'm sure you can all guess what she said.
I am ensure what DPO I am currently on. FF says 4 DPO but TCOYF says 3 DPO. I really dont know. Last month I ovulated on CD 21 but it seems like this month I went back to CD 23. Something was different about this month though, I felt ovulation pain on both sides. I was giving up on OPKs since i kept getting -, then when i felt those sudden pains (it was quite strong) I knew I had to test again. Sure enough + OPK starring back at me! I ran outside and told J that it was go time. LOL! He gave me this scared look that I couldnt help but giggle. On Sunday morning he woke up in a good mood and tells me, "You're pregnant." Me: (Giggling) "I just ovulated or about to ovulate. How can I be pregnant?" J: "I just know. My sperm talked to me and said he made it." LOL! I couldn't stop laughing but it made my day. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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  1. Love it!!! Does sound like a perfect weekend and I am praying the sperm is right!!!! Good luck!

  2. Now THAT is a pizza! Lucky duck to always ovulate on the weekends too. How convenient! Glad you had such a fantastic time. Great start to your week!

  3. Jo, Jo! It is good that you find ways to laugh about this. Good for your guys. Your niece is darling. I hope he is right and his sperm made it this month. :)