Miracles do happen!!

Today was just an ordinary day as always. I went about my day at work and during my lunch break (or breakfast break) I saw a lady that had left on maternity leave. Last time I had seen her was in the restroom making a phone call. She was hinged over talking about being fine that she probably wouldn't go into labor until tomorrow. Not even an hour later I saw her walking out with a couple managers. I remember this as it happened yesterday. Can you believe its been five months? I wasn't planning to stir up a conversation with her since I didn't want to pretend I was overjoyed for her. BUT something inside of me pushed me to ask her how the baby and her were. We started a conversation and she showed me a couple pictures. One thing led to another and she told me she has endometriosis. I was in total shock. I felt kinda guilty for thinking she had no complications. Well I really don't know if she did. I didn't feel like I had the right to ask. She did mention that she has an older daughter who is 6 and that her husband wants one more kid. She didn't seem all for the idea. The pain that she experienced wasn't something that she would like to jump right into. It has gotten so bad that she is considering removing her uterus if it means she doesn't feel pain.

Her story really touched me because here she is a mother of two with endometriosis, a condition that "disables" your fertility. Makes me think if she can do it then so can I. Since I was to scared to ask her if she seeked helped to get pregnant I just told myself that her eldest is 6 and she couldn't possibly waited that long by choice to give her a sibling. Don't cha think? Maybe cause I wouldn't want my kids to be that far apart in age. Yes that is what I will tell my mind so I can use this as motivation to keep strong and my miracle will soon come.

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