Yesterday was our first IUI. J & I were talking about it the night before so I can ease the nervousness. I also asked if he will be providing his swimmers there or at home. After talking about it he decided that he would just do it there since we live a good 45 minutes away. I didn't want to worry about if I kept it at body temperature or not. He did his thing and we left to go eat breakfast. After breakfast we just drove around to get to know the area we then realized we were just wasting gas. HAHA! So we decided to go to Marshalls and see what we can find. During this whole time I was worried that I might of already O. My temps havent increased to my usual post O but they have increased since I took the Ovidrel. While we were driving to the clinic I felt pain in my abdomenal area. I seriously had to stop a bit to let the pain subside. I was hoping that they would do one last sonogram to confirm I haven't O yet. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. With J's work schedule we weren't able to squeeze in any BD time past Sunday. So yesterday was exactly 4 days since we last BD. Again since his work schedule is horrible we didnt squeeze in BD time until this am. I am worried that if I did O sooner than my IUI we would have missed it completely. J was upset that I didn't ask about it during the time. I was extremely nervous so it didnt even slip my mind at the moment.

Seeing my DR walk in through that door to perform my IUI was such a relieve! All I kept hearing was Dr. Neal recommended this all the way up to my IUI. So I figured Dr. Martin was out or something, seeing him made me less nervous because I had dealt with him before and I know how he works. Just thinking that Dr. Neal would be doing the procedure frighten me because 1) I dont know if I ever have seen him 2) I dont know his personna. During the IUI Dr Martin asked the nurse for some help since he was having a hard time getting the catheter past my cervix. Afterwards he turned to talk to J and asked him if he knew 40-50% of the time the male is the one with the issue. That they had never put that info out there but with the internet now a days you can find out everything. HAHA! He chuckled a bit and told J you have nothing to worry about though. He then began to explain to him his theory on why the radiologists could not perform the HSG. He says my cervix is tilted towards my bladder but also has a sharp curve to it. He said he knows a good radiologist who can probably perform it on me BUT the thing is my insurance wont allow me to go there. So it will be out-of-pocket expense for us so he pulled out the big guns. He turned around to ask my age. "I have reviewed her X-Rays that were sent to me. Also all her B/W and I don't see an issue with why she isn't getting pregnant." Turns around and looks at me again to ask if I sometimes skip menstruation. I was tempted to say no because lately I have been getting a monthly flow, although in the past I would skip a month. I simply just said yes. "Given her age and her other results coming out fine I suggest you guys consider IVF. We might not be able to determine if my theory is correct but she might have a problem with her tubes. You are both young and nothing else seems to be out of the norm so that is the only thing that comes to mind. Her insurance covers IVF and I honestly believe you guys should take advantage of it. Most employers dont always keep the coverage so why not take advantage of it while you still can." He asked if we had any further questions and left the exam room. Two nurses came in one to tell me how much time I had left and another to talk about IVF. She was really modest about it which made me appreciate her a lot more. First words out of her mouth were, "I told Dr Martin that it is bad karma to talk about IVF when we just did an IUI and dont know the outcome of it. So I am sending you good vibes and will be praying that this is all you need." She did this thing with her hands as if she was sending a miracle into my uterus.

She explained into detail of what the process was and handed us a booklet that contained all the info. Said Dr. Pool wrote the booklet himself so it is directly what they will be doing there at the clinic, so I did not have to google all this. She knows googling is a bad habit for most people because she does it herself. LOL. She can see it in my face that I did not want to go this route. I couldn't think of any questions to ask, maybe cause I was so stunned. J asked most of the questions. He ultimately ask the question that was at the tip of my tongue but couldnt come to my senses to ask. How many injections will she have to take for this process? I bet my face expression was priceless because she laughed and said don't worry about it you will be fine. Believe it or not a lot of women also have the same fear and they come to the clinic for their shots. After two or three we give them they say "Oh I'll just do it myself at home, it's not as bad as I thought it was." She told us that given my age they would only put two embryos back. I didn't ask why but I would guess that since I am still young they believe I won't have a hard time implanting. That is just a guess I really don't know. I will put it in my list of questions if we do decide to go this route.

After we left J asked why I didn't want to consider going through this IF we had to. I told him it wasn't that I didn't want to go this route it was just that I was in denial about my tubes being blocked. All in all I understand what Dr. Martin was saying. We have the coverage for it...our chances are higher...and if they can freeze my embryos for future procedures. Why the hell not? Beats paying out-of-pocket for the HSG if I am only going to find out that his assumptions were true. OR I can find out that everything is clear and try IUIs up to three times and move forward. J is all on board with IVF because he is simply tired of all these appointments and procedures that I am going through. Frankly, I am too. I spoke to my mom about it and she said it was my decision that I should think about it BUT not stress about it. We are still in the waiting game and maybe this is all I needed. I should just see this as an alternative route if we dont achieve what we wanted with the IUI.

All day yesterday I had cramps after the IUI. I was so uncomfortably bloated all day. I thought it would go away soon after but it didnt. I didnt even feel like BD so when the nurse said we had HW I was like PORQUE!? HAHAHA! I am glad we BD this am though, it was slighty uncomfortable but we managed. Now I will be scrutinizing my BBT chart to see when and if I did O.
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  1. Hope this IUI works. Fingers crossed for you!

  2. I think it was in very poor taste for your RE to mention IVF during your IUI. I can see him talking to you about it "if" it didn't work. Also, just because you are young and it "doesn't make sense", that doesn't mean your tubes ARE the issue. I am hoping with all my heart that this IUI worked. If not, it's nice to know IVF is covered and it IS an option, but it's something you have to feel you are ready for. *hugs* Prayers for sticky baby dust!

  3. I can't believe they actually mentioned IVF when you were getting an IUI, that's awful! That's nice that your insurance covers it, but I would definitely explore all of my options first. I really hope the IUI works though and that you get your bfp in a couple of weeks. It's nice that we're cycle buddies, it's always fun to have one :) It makes it seem like we have even more company during the dreaded tww!

  4. I forgot to tell you that even if you O'd before your IUI, you're most likely fine. When I went in for my appt on Monday, the follicle was still there but he could tell it was about to O bc of the fluid. When I went Tuesday for the IUI, he said it looked like I had either just O'd or was in the process. I was concerned but he said the egg lives for 24 hours so it was fine. I'm sure this is the case for you too :)

  5. Wow, how inappropriate to hand you IVF materials at your IUI! I'm a little appalled by that to be honest. Have some tact people!

    Well, I really hope that you can become pregnant this cycle and can hand them their IVF materials back because you won't need them. And if you do need IVF, how fantastic that you have coverage. It's nice to know there is a next step either way, but I really hope you can end this journey this cycle!