Where did you go?

Seems like my days are flying by lately, which is great during the 2ww but horrible because next thing I know my HW assignments are due. =( Bummer! But hey I at least get them in on time except for my exam. I was so bummed out that I completely missed my first exam that I didnt even want to find excuses to tell my professor. I realized that in the end it was my responsibility to do it and have the dates correct. I sent him an email simply apologizing for not doing it and that I take full responsibility for it and BAM he allowed me to take it. I was so excited that I forgot to email him back saying thanks. Never again I need to duly all these important dates that have nothing to do with TTC.WHERE IS YOUR HEAD AT JOJO???!!! Oh yeah, stuck on wondering if this worked or what we will do next if it didn't. Also thinking that I need to buy more OPKs and HPT because I am completely running out of HPT with this trigger not leaving my system.

I am currently 10DPT and I am still getting the squintiest faint line on the HPT. I literately have to wait the full 3 + minutes for it to clear out completely so I can see it. Once I compare it to previous ones you can definitely still see it. J thought I was going insane because he wasn't seeing it, once he put it up against the previous ones hes like "Oh yeah its still there. When is it going away? When are you going to find out?" Well sweetie these are some of the same questions I ask myself as well. Be patient. I had my 7DPIUI blood work done today and since I have the amazing capability to log in to see the lab results I logged in twice. The second time I saw 2 new lab results they were as followed: Progesterone 33.1 and E2 230. I know my Dr wants to see P readings of 20 or higher so I knew I wasn't going to be prescribed P. As for E2 I really dont know what that is for. The nurse called a good 3 hrs later and left me a voicemail stating my results are looking beautiful and I dont need any further medication for now. I go back next thursday on the 7th of March for additional arm poking. They are never successful with my right arm. So my left arm always gets all the poking. Sooorry my friend you should tell your other arm-friend not to be shy.

Yesterday I felt some uncomfortable discomfort. I had lower back pain going down my thighs with some slight uterine cramping. It caused me to go lay down because I just wasn't feeling up for anything since the feeling of AF starting to make her appearance wasn't very pleasing. The pain has subsided but I did experience a temp dip this morning from 98.4 to 97.97. I am afraid AF may show early since that feeling is still there. My breast are starting to feel tender again. PMS go away!! I broke out in the worst day ever. We had an event at work today to meet the owner of the company who is traveling all around America to greet his wonderful employees. Its funny that they tell you that because only a few are selected to attend and of course have to be selected by management. Well I was one of the lucky ones that got pre selected to be a part of an event with 1000 other people. It was a nice distraction from work I have to admit that. No work for an hour and a half was awesome. It just blew my mind how people went from being so professional to acting like major GROUPIES. Wow like seriously he isn't anyone famous, I get it he owns this wonderful we all work for but when have you ever met him besides now. And you told the poor guy you loved him, btw that was priceless his face expression went from smiling to confusion to thinking WTF!

That concludes my day for today besides hitting the books for some major HW catch up.
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  1. I'm so glad that your tww is going by so fast! Mine couldn't have gone any slower, so consider yourself blessed :) Has your trigger finally tested out yet? Will you test before you go Thursday for your beta? I really hope this is it for you and you get your bfp soon!

    1. Hey Sara! Yes the trigger is out of my system already. So I can test but trying to avoid it until 14 dpo just so I won't be bummed out. Maybe I'll test Wednesday since that is 14 dpo.