CD12 Sonogram

So much has happened today. Where do I start? Well J & I went in for my CD12 sonogram today. All week I have been asking myself what if my body decided to be impotent? Then I continued to tell myself that I couldn't expect much from this sonogram because the fact was I O late during a non medicated cycle. So why would 50mg of Clomid make me O extremely sooner. Hate to say that my intuition was correct. My Drs office has always been very speedy getting you in and out. IDK if it was VDay that everyone was in a giddy mood or they were busy. I got called in, J decided to stick around in the waiting area he said it felt awkward last time he was in there, the nurse took me into the exam room and told me someone will be right with me. I honestly sat there a good 15+ minutes waiting for someone. During this time my mind was going crazy that I just wanted to leave or get it over with. The nurse finally came in and took a look. My linning was 9mm. I had around 4-5 follicles but only two that were 11 & 13mm. The others were either 9mm or 7mm or even smaller. Not even close to 18-22mm. I laid there telling myself I KNEW IT! Took about another 10 minutes for another nurse to come get me and explain to me what is happening. Nurse Elena told me since my follicles were not where they wanted them to be I had to come back. She needed to consult with the Dr to see when. She assured me that I shouldn't worry a lot of women have to come back because the medication takes time to build up. I asked her about the authorization for my Ovidrel and she had no idea so she asked Barbara at the front desk. They were still waiting on a response from my insurance. Elena stated that she had never seen an insurance cover the Ovidrel so if they gave the OK to cover it that would be awesome and the first.

J & I went out for breakfast since I wont see him later tonight until early morning. After breakfast we stopped by and got my mother and myself some flowers. J is taking me to a concert this weekend so I guess our VDay celebration wont happen until then. When I got home my niece was at my mother's house since my SIL was doing something there. She saw that I was leaving and asked if she can go to my house. I said yes but only if mommy said yes. She rushed over to her and asked if she can come to Aunty JoJo's house. The answer was YES. She was super happy cause she asked me not to leave until she can get a response. HAHAHA! I don't have kids so I don't have a toy in the world to give the girl. But she found things to entertain herself with. She played with uncle J until he said goodnight. (He needs his nap before he goes off to work again). She would go back in forth to grandma's house and mine. After a couple hours her mother called for her BUT she came back in the worst time. LOL J & I were trying to squeeze some alone time before he was off to work. I tried to pursued her to leave by pretending I was crying cause I needed a nap, by giving her a dollar, and telling her I will go to her house and jump in the trampoline when I was rejuvenated. SHE WOULDN'T LEAVE. So I was done being the nice aunty and told her I was going to go take a nap and leave her by herself so she can do as she pleases. She yelled numerous times not to leave her. I felt guilty but I had to what I had to do. Once she saw me disappear into my room she left. Poor kiddo!

I finally got a call from Barbara and the pharmacy. B said my insurance gave the approval to cover the medication. Pharmacist said they were declined to supply me with this medication. She said I needed to call some other number to order the medication from them. I was disappointed because they were making this process very difficult. What is the difference of me picking it up and them mailing it out? I called that number and they said they will have my medication delivered by Saturday if that is when I needed it. They just needed to call my Dr and Pharmacy to verify some info and then see how much and IF they were gonna cover it. WTH! I thought you gave my Dr the approval and now your telling me IF your gonna cover it. If your not then I rather pick it up from the pharmacy. It gives me a piece of mind knowing I have it and I dont have to wait for it. Needless to say I am playing the waiting game with them as well. I am suppose to get a call back with all the shipping information. So far I havent heard back from them so I plan to give them another ringer tomorrow. As for my Drs they called me back and said Dr N would like to see me on Sunday. I was originally seeing Dr M but lately I have been hearing Dr N said this. So IDK what is going on there. Wondering if Dr M is on vacation. Either way I have read wonderful reviews on both of them so I trust they know what they are doing. I will go back on Sunday to see if my follicles are matured or not. Hopefully I can trigger and go back Monday for my IUI. J wasnt very pleased to hear that we wont have our IUI until next week. He said he wanted to drink this weekend and now he can't because if he does and his results aren't great he will feel guilty. I am not much of a drinker so this isn't an issue with me. Poor J hopefully not drinking on the weekend doesn't kill his mood. I think this TTC struggle is finally getting to him. I really hope and pray that this IUI is our miracle and we can out our struggles behind us.
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  1. Sounds like you have two good contenders that will continue to grow and your lining is awesome! I've had to come in for a third ultrasound prior to IUI before too, because I O late, even on meds. I bet your next apt. you'll have one or two nice and big follies ready to burst!

  2. I know your body is going a bit slower than you'd like, but slow and steady wins the race. I'm really excited and hopeful for you that everything continues to go great! FX for you!