99.9% BETTER...since the cough is still lingering.

I am finally done with Clomid. Quite thankful actually...I wasn't liking the side effects much. My BBT also remained elevated so I didn't bother with it. Yesterday I decided to call ahead of time to the pharmacy to see if they finally received the Ovidrel. (Everyday since I dropped it off they have told me "oh it will get here tomorrow by 12pm") IT FINALLY ARRIVED!! My mind felt a bit relieved knowning it was here on time and I didnt have to stress about it. SMH! Wrong! My insurance wont cover it so they need an authorazation that can take up to 2-4 days more. I have my appointment for the sonogram in 2 days. Which will determine if I need to take the Ovidrel that night or until they feel like I am ready. Since I dont need it right away and the pharmacist said my Drs office has to get approval I figured I give it a shot. If not I can afford to pay the $120 out of pocket. After all my mom is right on saying I need it anyways. I love my mother. She is a very caring woman who doesn't shy away from showing how much she loves her children. She was nice enough to tell me if I needed the money she will gladly pay for it. I just gave her a stare (I am not a little kid anymore) and said "No, it's fine. I can afford it. But thank you."

Yesterday I signed up for a Telesummit on Fertility with Hethir Rodriguez and Sarah Holland. It was extremely interesting and informative. I believe there is one today if you would love to sign up: Click Here I had read Hethir Rodriguez's site before and have found it quite helpful. Now I was not aware that she gained interest in Herbs and natural healings for the body due to her repeating miscarriages. Background stories are always intriguing. Not only because you get to know what someone has been through but how they beat the outcomes. Makes a great inspiration story!

I am not a big fan of Social Networks. I havent had one besides Pinterest since after HS. I dont find an interest in them and it seems like people use it to be cruel or fake a sort of lifestyle. NOW dont get me wrong! Just cause I prefer to stay away from them does not mean I look at people and roll my eyes cause they have one. GREAT WAY TO STAY IN TOUCH WITH FAMILY. Which is why my family keeps bugging me to get one but I say no. Maybe when our family expands I will get one so they can see the kids grow even if they arent near us. With that in mind I am thankful for Voxer. My cousin actually asked me to get it since she's in Germany and doesnt have international calling. I must say I have been enjoying hearing her voice and her lovely pictures she has sent my way. Germany is quite different in weird ways but all in all she says its lovely and doesnt mind living there for another 3 years. I hope to have the pleasure of visiting her in the following years. She has also had trouble conceiving after her 11 week miscarriage. Her first pregnancy was unexpected but she was thrilled. When she lost the baby her expression was kinda hard to read. I tried my best to be there for her but given the distance, at the time she lived in Cali and me in Texas, I could only do so much. She then moved to Atlanta and then off to Germany. Her husband is in the Army so she says theyre still young and being in Germany makes her want to wait to figure out what can be causing it. As for now I use her as moral support she never fails to make me laugh.
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  1. I'm sorry about all the issues with the Ovidrel. Mine wasn't covered eitehr, but I'm glad you can afford it and I'm praying everything works out for you thsi round just perfect. Good luck!! You know I'm rooting for you! I'm also glad you are so close to your mom. That's awesome. *hugs*