Love & Happiness Tour

I can't believe it's monday again. It always seems like weekends fly by. I enjoyed every moment of it though. J took me to the Love & Happiness Tour as a VDay present. I <3 it! There was a little bit of everything. Comedy, Poetry, & music. Being alone and out with J gives me a blissful feeling. During the week I hardly get to see him and it is getting difficult to bare. So when the weekend comes around I think I am a bit much to deal with. HAHAHA! Oh well what can he do? During the event we couldn't help but point out that we were one of the youngest couples there. We had a good laugh about it but J said we just know how to appreciate good music. His face expressions were priceless, he was quite excited to see the Isley Brothers perform. Since I met J he has always been a fan of Old School/ Oldies music. I remember I use to love sundays because I got to listen to Art Laboe's Oldies But Goodies. I was extremely pleased that J & I had that in common. During the concert I saw a part of J that I hadn't seen in a long time. It's been very hard for him to live in a different state and says it doesn't feel the same. I have officially made it my goal to plan out events that J & I can do so we can enjoy our time alone. After all people do say "Enjoy the time now that you don't have kids".

On Sunday we went in for my CD15 sonogram. I don't know how I feel anymore. Trying to stay optimistic but at the time I don't know where my feelings lie. Back on CD12 I had a couple of potential I only have one that didn't grow much in 3 days. The nurses face said it all. She couldn't find the words to explain to me what was happening. By her saying "You took 50mg of Clomid this cycle...". I took it as "I don't think your body responded so well to it." She told me to come back in 2 days and see if we saw a mature follicle by then. The doctor wasn't in at the moment so she said we could wait or she will give us a call to confirm that's what he wanted to do. We decided to leave and wait for the call. I was numb at the time...I pretty much zone out. I was glad J agreed to go in there with me this time around. After we left I couldn't bring myself to say anything. J just kept looking at me and finally said "Everything is going to be fine. She said it grew since last time it's just being poky and taking its sweet time. We will be back on Tuesday and they will give us some good news." I smiled because he actually listened and rephrased some of the things I had missed. He actually laughed when I asked if that is what she said. Apperantly I really zoned out and didn't hear anything else but your dominant follicle hasn't matured yet.

I keep feeling twinges on my ovaries and sometimes I feel like they are going to pop. It's difficult to understand why I am feeling like this when the sonogram shows that they arent growing. I need to find a way to relax and wait to see what has "changed" on CD17 sonogram. GOOD NEWS! After going back and forth with my pharmacy/insurance/doctor's insurance finally gave the approval to cover the Ovidrel. BUT (there is always a catch) I couldn't pick it up at the pharmacy. They needed to send it to me, which saved me the ride to the pharmacy, i was just concerned that it wouldnt get here on time. It did it arrived on saturday morning so that is one less thing to worry about. The funny thing is that it made me question why they made a big deal out of it. When you call the customer service line one of the options is infertility. BLEH!
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  1. I know it's so hard to be patient when you O kind of late, but all in all it sounds like your apt. went fine. You are just a late O'er and the dominant follie is taking it's good ole time ripening for you. That's ok! I think until your RE learns how your body responds, they may schedule the ultrasounds by "typical response". I'm sure at your next one you will be ready for trigger. You didn't mention the size at CD15, but I'm guessing it was the 13 mm from your CD12 apt. that took over and became dominant, and that means it's got to be getting close. Even if it's only growing 1 mm per day, 1-3 mm is normal, so that's ok! Try to be patient! I think you'll be happy with your next apt. and will be triggering for your IUI! Wishing you all the best luck with this cycle Jo Jo!

  2. Slow and steady wins the race! I know you want it to be ready now, but just think of your body as taking the time to produce the most mature and perfect follie and egg possible, the one that is going to become your baby. I know this journey has already taken far too long and you are so ready for the results. Good luck girlie!! *hugs*