Praying for a miracle

Just my luck to get sick on the cycle we are to do IUI. My body has been doing a great job at fighting off any type of sickness. I tend to feel sick at work but once I get home it's like my body goes in recovery mode. I always say I am allergic to work for that reason. But this time around...I wasn't so lucky. I left work on Tuesday knowing I was off Wednesday. I was feeling a bit weak but I thought I would recover. WRONG!! Wednesday morning I woke up congested & with a bodyache. I didnt seem sick because the nurses didn't seem to notice. BUT on the inside I felt like I was dying. I couldn't understand why I didnt have a fever if my whole body felt like it was dying. After my sonogram we had a small talk with another nurse and she handed me our flow sheet and my perscriptions. I was surprise that DH was as involved as he was. He wasnt in the mood to go to the appt in the first place. Which I can understand...poor guy gets home at 2 am then has to be up to be at an appt @ 8am. Luckily when we got home we both took a long nap.

Anywho, once we left from our RE's office we went to the pharmacy to drop off the perscriptions. I thought I would be in and out as usual, but the pharmacist couldn't find the Ovidrel. (She couldnt find it in her computer). She asked another pharmacist and he called my RE and finally they were able to figure out what it said. could have asked me. She told me they didnt have it there but could order it and I can pick it up tomorrow after 12pm, as for the Clomid it should be right out. There was a long line and I wasnt feeling well so I left. Hey if I have to be back tomorrow why not pick them up together. So I am to take Clomid 50 mg from CD5-9, on CD12 I will go in for my u/s if I have mature follicle(s) 18mm-22mm then I will go home and inject myself with the Ovidrel. Now I am NOT going to inject myself obviously. I am the biggest pussy when it comes to needles. Do you think I will actually have the courage to do it? No way! I will probably look away and that wont end well. DH will be at work so he can't do it. My mother flat out told me she will not do it. I showed her a Youtube video of how to do it and her face expressions were priceless. So who will have the pleasure of injecting me? My aunt/godmother of course. My aunt has plenty of experience with injections so I trust her 100%. She knows of my troubles of TTC so I dont have to do so much explaining on why I need this shot.

I am just praying for a miracle that my body will heal. I woke up to BBT this morning and it was 99. something. When I saw that I was like GREAT! DH got home and the first words that came out of his mouth was "Now you have a fever." He brought me some medicine and put me back to bed. I felt like such a baby but arent those the perks of being with someone who trully loves you? I was able to get up and come to work for the sake of me saving my sick time in case I need it. Hopefully I don't get worst for not staying in bed to recover.
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  1. I am saying a prayer for a quick recovery. The best thing you can do is let yoru body rest and heal. I saw someone get her BFP while on antibiotics on her first Clomid round and sick, so please, believe it can definitely still happen. Glad DH is being so awesome and please take ti easy and get some rest. *hugs*

  2. Getting over the fear of shots was hard for me too. But you'll get there, Hope you feel better soon.